William Telling: The Man and his Mansion : A South Euclid "rags to riches" story
This is the Telling Family. Seated are Emma, Mother Mary, William Sr., and Charles; standing are Frank, John, Eva, Walter, and William Jr. After the turn of the century, the five Telling brothers joined forces and employed their afternoons building a frame structure between Cedar and Carnegie Avenues near 38th Street. This was their new headquarters.

William Telling said that for years he and Charles drew only $3 a day salary. They knew nothing about keeping books. William confessed "We were always adding more wagons, more machinery, more customers, and collecting more money. But we never seemed to have anything. Then one day we got a bookkeeper to cast up our accounts. When I found we owned many thousands of dollars, I nearly fainted."

We do know that the ice cream business flourished and the Telling Brothers dairy along with it.

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Telling familyTelling family