SE—L Historical Society Museum — Lighting : A sample of some lighting devices at our museum.
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By 1860 whale oil for lamps was in short supply and expensive. Drilling for oil in our region had just begun and Clevelander John D. Rockefeller acquired a refinery in Cleveland which grew eventually into the Standard Oil Company. Its primary product then was kerosene——a petroleum product heavier than gasoline and lighter than diesel oil. Lamps such as these used it as fuel drawn up by the wick to where the tip was burning, giving off light in the process.
"The Standard" acquired a monopoly of refineries and Rockefeller became quite rich. He moved to NYC in the 1880s but maintained his summer residence in what is now Forest Hill Park until the house was destroyed by fire in 1917. The Rockefeller name is on many Cleveland landmarks and his final resting place is in Lake View Cemetery.
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Kerosene LanternKerosene Lantern